A hospital patient has fewer odds of surviving than an airline passenger.

August 15, 2011


Seems counterintuitive, yes?

But examine the facts.  High infection rates (1 out of 3 on a “good” day) can be virtually eliminated; medical errors significantly so. Both require commitment from the public, hospital administrators, and the government. So please don’t be afraid to ask clinicians if they’ve washed their hands before touching a patient! This includes ophthalmologists and physical therapists and other health care providers, besides doctors, nurses and technicians.

What? They get huffy? Well, keep in mind that health care providers on the leading edge of infection control have signs posted asking patients and visitors to “speak up” and ask if clinicians have washed their hands and donned fresh gloves. And don’t forget the masks and disposable gowns – especially in ICU units, and including visitors and family members.

You’ll increase your chance of success if you provide masks, gloves, and soap. Make it idiot-proof.

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