Why a healthcare advocate?

Do you need help with:

Lowering Your Medical Expenses?

Learning Your Health Insurance Options?

Caregiving Resources?

Navigating Life as a Senior?

Negotiating Retirement?

Life Care Planning?

Other Healthcare Issues?

We can help!

As a Certified Senior Advisor®, possessing the Alfus Patient Advocate program’s post-graduate certificate from the University of Miami, a B.S.B.A. in Accounting, magna cum laude,from the University of Alabama, graduate work in accountancy, and 20 years of work experience as a paralegal, Claudia specializes in non-clinical aspects of healthcare advocacy, including life care planning, disability and caregiving resources, access to practitioners,  insurance issues, medical costs, and an overarching devotion to patients’ rights.

Currently Chair of the Education Committee for the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants, she is dedicated to professionalism in the field of healthcare advocacy, being an active member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, the Professional Patient Advocate Institute, and the Alliance for Safety Awareness for Patients.

Her background also includes activity in community-based agencies, including membership in Compassion & Choices, the San Francisco Neighborhood Emergency Response Team, the Conard House Steering Committee, and the academic honor society Phi Kappa Phi.

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Claudia has vast knowledge and passion regarding health advocacy. She is well connected to those who can provide answers to complex medical issues. She guides her clients through the convoluted world of health practice and policy, always cognizant that with knowledge and understanding a person can make decisions that benefit themselves and others.”

~ Paula DeBell, MS, Touchstone HealthCare Advocacy 

“I recently worked with Claudia Nichols on an extended outreach campaign for the Empowered Patient Coalition non-profit organization. Claudia is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated health care advocate who thrives on challenges. Her expertise and professionalism was an asset to our work and she consistently met and exceeded our expectations. Claudia is a professional with a high degree of integrity, which is evident both in her work and her demeanor. An unwavering desire to help others with their health care issues motivates Claudia to continue to excel as a patient advocate.”
~ Dr. Julia Hallisy, President & Founder, The Empowered Patient Coalition

“I went to Claudia with an issue at work regarding my rights as someone with Multiple chemical sensitivities. She instantly came to my aid with logic, solutions, and solid backup for me to present if necessary.

“I also went to Claudia regarding some health issues I was having and she gave me guidance as to questions I should ask and helped me to feel more confident during my visit.

“I’m very glad I have Claudia to turn to – nothing is unimportant to her – she attacks each issue as though it’s her own….”
~ Debbie P.

“Claudia is highly intelligent, intellectually curious and insightful. She understands problems and how to solve them. She also has superior writing skills. She is a solid team player and an asset to any business team that demands high quality work by thoughtful individuals.”
~ Robert P.

University of Miami Alfus Patient Advocate Certificate Program Diploma - Claudia Nichols

University of Miami Alfus Patient Advocate Certificate Program Diploma – Claudia Nichols

One Response to Why a healthcare advocate?

  1. Said Osio on May 12, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    As a caregiver and patient advocate I absolutely support the intentions and vision that is being shared here.
    Clearly, there is a shift happening and these new offerings will support self care management and influence
    those working in institutional medicine as to the value of a new healing cooperatives and collectives of informed
    advocates to build healing communities. Well Done Ms Nichols.