Advocating During Hospitalization For Those with Developmental Disabilities

September 10, 2013


Guest Speaker:
Cecilia Ramsey
Executive Director, Developmental Services Continuum

Thursday September 12, 2013
6:00 p.m. Eastern/5:00 p.m. Central/3:00 p.m. Pacific

Developmental Services Continuum, Inc. empowers persons with developmental disabilities to enhance their quality of life by providing environments that encourage individual growth and independence. It has been successfully providing support to children and adults with developmental disabilities since 1982.

Developmental Services Services Continuum, Inc. is a private non-profit agency providing services for adults and children with developmental disabilities who have not been successful in other facilities. We are licensed by the department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing and are vendored with the San Diego Imperial County Regional Center, California District 9A.

Cecelia Ramsey became a passionate advocate for person with developmental disabilities through the lifelong influence of her brother Patrick, a gentle soul who passed away in 2001. She began her career as a Psychiatric Technician, working in three California Developmental Centers over 10 years. She later moved into community based care, serving in steadily advancing positions at service provider organizations in San Diego County. Before her current position of Executive Director at DSC she served as Director of Consumer Affairs for the organization. She continues to serve as an Instructor in the Certified Direct Support Professional program through the San Diego County Office of Education.

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2 Responses to Advocating During Hospitalization For Those with Developmental Disabilities

  1. Dan on February 21, 2014 at 5:47 am

    The reality is California doesn’t know what to do with the severely disabled population. They want to CLOSE developmental centers like Fairview, for GOOD reasons, because some clients at the California Developmental Centers have been murdered and the state agencies charged with investigating these deaths are so incompetent, it has made news, but the issue at large still remains that if we close the terrible California state institutions like Fairview and Agnews, WHERE do the disabled go, and WHO takes care of them, and HOW do these non state institutional settings PROTECT the disabled that were abused in the state developmental center???? The question NOBODY in medias is asking is WHERE will these clients GO when the state developmental centers CLOSE? And once they are placed in “community” group homes HOW will we know that those same people abused and neglected in “STATE” developmental centers will NOT be abused in “GROUP HOMES” for disabled? The answer is we DON”T KNOW. Because just like the developmental centers like Fairview and AGnews, the community centers run by California’s 21 Regional Centers also don’t have ANY control over the neglect and abuse that goes on in community placements. More disabled die and are neglected in “out of home placements” than anyone at the state level cares to admit. We need legislation that demands video surveillance in ALL group homes Level 1-4 through Dept. of SOcial SErvices, and video surveillance in all Dept of Health ICF-ddh ddn homes run by the Dept. of Health, California. So far, NONE of these agencies has done a damn thing to protect the vulnerable adults and children that will be displaced into community settings. This is disaster waiting to happen………and nobody in these agencies, including California’s 21 Regional Centers has prepared for what will happen once these California state institutions CLOSE. THe phony “task force” at Dept. Of Developmental Services” hasn’t come up with even ONE concrete answer to how to protect and help the most vulnerable populations in California once these state institutions close. SO far, the adult and children with severe special needs aren’t even getting the most basic needs met in their OWN HOMES, yet, California wants to con everyone into thinking it’s the best thing ever to close institutions. Yet, as it stands now, California can’t even protect or provide adequate services for disabled people who ARE NOT in state institutions and reside at HOME or in group homes. Especially disturbing is the amount of people who are trying to fight for services to keep their adult children at HOME who have to take the California Regional Centers to administrative law hearings only to find out the administrative law judges are PAID by the same funds that promote closing the state institutions. Very strange. The administrative law judges rule against adequate HOME supports for people who want to keep their adult disabled children at home, but yet, the state is saying it’s cost effective to “close” state institutions. SOmething is very wrong here………….it makes NO SENSE.

  2. governorbrownfan on October 11, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    California’s office of administrative hearings law judges, aka ALJS are sometimes compromised during hearings. Some act as defense lawyers for the Regional Centers, looking for anything the parents say or offer as evidence as a way to minimize or downplay the evidence and defend the regional centers. Some of these ALJS are just so ignorant you can’t believe they are actually Judges, as if someone just half assed appointed them to positions while they went to dinner and got wasted on a a bottle of whisky, Just beyond disgusting. It takes a very special Administrative Law Judge to stand up to the corrupt system in California’s Department of Develpomental Services and Regional Center system. Not many can do it, since they like their jobs and don’t want to go back to the criminal courts or wherever they came before as lawyers. They found a nice place to be a Judge. They want to keep their cozy positon. ANd they know if the rule too many times in favor of parents of disabled children fighting the regional centers they might find themselves out of a job….would be nice to see the one Judge who is man or woman enough to stand up to this corrupt system…have only seen a few….and most are MEN. The women are weak.

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