Bullies and Psychiatric Illness: David Brooks’ Shameful Op-Ed

December 19, 2013

David Brooks’ destructive, shameful, appallingly simplistic, ignorant, mean-spirited foray into the extremely complicated field of psychiatric illness and its consequent high mortality is a vicious assault on those who are already emotionally, socially, financially, physically, and intellectually devastated.

We cannot know how much damage he inflicted with his self-indulgent display of [singularly designated] wit and intellectual prowess. But you can safely bet a pot of gold that he helped no one.

Any apology is meaningless unless it is accompanied by atonement. One ethical response would be active community service and satisfactory completion of educational courses. The National Alliance on Mental Illness will be happy to make suggestions. You may reach its administrative personnel, Mr. Brooks, at (703) 524-7600, during conventional business hours on the East Coast.

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