The Good News!

Alzheimer’s Test Clears Pre-FDA Approval

A FDA advisory panel unanimously endorsed the first Alzheimer’s diagnostic for a living patient.  MRI scans can detect the plaque within the brain which is a hallmark of the disease.  Currently the only way to determine the existence of the plaque is by autopsy. The information from the MRI, coupled with an individual’s cognitive issues,...

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Harvard bestows top faculty honor on humanitarian leader, scholar: Paul Farmer appointed University Professor

A well-deserved honor for Dr. Paul Farmer, founder of Partners In Health, who began his work in Haiti more than 20 years ago.  Mountains Upon Mountains tells his story up through 2002.

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Yet Again Music Demonstrates its Power for Healing…

The skills involved in listening to music, and reading music notation, are directly applicable to the training of medical students as they study cardiac rhythms and patterns.  The Lancet elaborates:

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