Radiation Poisoning

April 4, 2011

Concern about the effects of radiation has been expressed in media as diverse as peer-reviewed scientific journals to publicly-acclaimed science fiction films. Reports of consequences of poisoning, and when acute poisoning occurs, fluctuate wildly and so it is difficult to assess the true danger. If you are investigating this issue, please do critically evaluate your information sources. The best information typically comes from universities and medical associations. Be aware that government publications may de-emphasize the risk.

You don’t have much control over nuclear power plant accidents, earthquakes, or tsunamis. Nevertheless, planning ahead for possible disasters will maximize your choices and lend peace of mind. For instance, if you need to evacuate your home with little or no notice, where can you go? How will you communicate with other family members? What about dependents – frail family members, animals? Making plans for the future will empower you now.

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