The Deplorable Conditions of U.S. Medical Facilities

February 2, 2011

Preface:  Industry leaders have acknowledged the problem and are struggling to improve a shameful situation.

It’s difficult to believe that our medical system, reputed to be the best that exists, has deteriorated to less than even marginally-acceptable conditions.  Medical students are alarmed to move from classroom ideals to grisly reality.  That adherence was lacking to basic and routine safety procedures most distressed a fourth-year resident who advocated for his hospitalized grandmother.

Doctors briefly visited, rarely spoke, and contradicted each other.  The patient did not receive her prescribed medication for several days.  She was moved, without explanation or apparent reason, to several different rooms.

This is Situation Normal within even the most elite hospitals in the United States.  And we spend $2.5 trillion for this abhorrent system.

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