The Respite Movement is helping with home health care.

November 30, 2010

Respite care is temporary assistance to family caregivers.  But only pennies are available for thousands of unpaid, overworked caregivers who place their own health at risk.  We need a comprehensive, consistent support network for those dedicated individuals who are bravely shouldering the burden of caring for a relative with chronic, often terminal illness.  Do you know how to lift a non-ambulatory person from a wheelchair?  Can you give injections and monitor blood levels?  Are you prepared for an Alzheimer’s patient who constantly schemes how to outwit you for the car keys?  Respite care gives the home caregiver a much-needed break from the constant demands of caring for someone who is extremely ill.  It is the only way to preserve the caretaker’s health other than other family members distributing the caregiving (which often doesn’t happen).

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