Today, January 10, is the day *you* can help keep the ACA.

January 10, 2017

Today is the day to contact senators to stop GOP effort to repeal the ACA, at least until an equal or better replacement will be implemented.

A central number has been set up: 888-897-9753, for everyone. It automatically directs you to your specific senators’ offices and provides helpful talking points to use. I got voicemail from Sen. Harris’ office; Senator Feinstein’s phone was busy. I will follow up, and they will receive written communication from me also.

You have power over this. Use it. health-ins-101Your involvement inspires your community and your members of Congress (MoCs), senators and representatives, to act on your behalf. We all are energized by constituent involvement, and your MoCs respond well to your communications.

Thank you for your engagement!

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